Hey guys!!!

Kybird here!!!
The original owner and founder of


I made this site on December 6, 2008

This site was inspired by Bellophront’s AMAZING site!!! His widget is on the sidebar!!!!

I (Kybird) Worked and worked on this site for hours to try and improve its ratings, and the quality of it!!!! I hope many penguins will continue to keep this site running for future generations!

Kybird quit on Sunday October 4,2009

Giving Oneoh10 the role as head Administrator! He will be responsible when he quits by making somebody he can trust and thinks will do a good job an admin to continue this site!!!! He will also record when he quit on this page and who he hires to take over for him!

THESE RULES WILL APPLY TO ALL ADMINS TO THIS SITE!!! You have to do the same forwhoever takes your position when you quit!


4 responses to “History!

  1. Nice Story

  2. Realy Cool Story!

  3. you made this site on my birthday!

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