CP’s Past Parties

Check it out! this is my always updated page with information on parties. Most info comes from me, with help OCCASIONLY from other sites. If I get that help I’ll say so!


1. Beta/Halloween Party

This party was COOL!!!! You could get  beta hats, and Billybob was ON A LOT. I have like no pictures because  I wasn’t there (aww) but this site is a great source for pictures… http://www.cpmemories.piczo.com/

REAL halloween Party:

The first time, there were only a few added decorations ( aww) and no free item. The Pic I’m Posting is from the cp blog.
Halloween Party

Server Testing
This is not a party and there was no decorations so no pics are nesesecarry but this was when CP made the server Blizzard. You could get these SUPER RARE items… Pink Toque, Black Toque, Bowtie, Blue Sunglasses, Red Sunglasses.

Christmas Pary

The biggest of the first four events, the christmas party had The Santa Hat, The Christmas Scarve as free items. Nearly everyone got these items. Around three thousand penguins joined at this time and cp was forced to extend the party.

Christmas Party

Winter Luau ’06

Welcome to CP Hawaii!!!!!!!! The wonderful free red lei was SO COOL. The decorations were monster sized!!!!!!! When the penguins started hulaing a crowd gathered. Gizmo, who was a fairly new mod had a lot to do with this party!  Bad Quality Winter Luau Lei



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