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  2. hmmmmmmm dunno

  3. i rock? lol.

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  6. kool kybird i have a new sght look at it its on ur advertise page!

  7. can i be the penguin of the month next because i was so nice and i am thankful for them

  8. hi i really like clubpenguin cause you can be buddies

  9. i should be pebguin of the month cause im awesome

  10. I would like to be June’s Penguin of the month because I love CP and I would LOVE to be a famous Penguin.

    My CP name is Jl101, my first pin was the microscope, and my first 2 items were the party hat (not beta), and the red hat that RH brought in Oct.(the one that looks kinda like Aunt Arctic’s).

  11. well i want to be a penguin of the month because i want to have funn being cool just for once..Members really get everything they want and they get to buy cool stuff. im not a member im just a regular player. So not really much.. Its just not fair to me..

  12. i think one of my buddies called Crazy534 should b pengy of the month cos hes a great friend to me and he deserves it

  13. I want to be penguin of the month because not rare but can do glitches and hacks plus I the leader of the Inferno Combat Army!

    ~ Narutoj11 ICA General

    P.s. Search InFeRnO CoMbAt aRmY to view new army!

  14. I LOVE U ALY!

  15. YOUR AWESOME!!!!That made me laugh so hard when I saw that picture.:D thank you so much for everything your wonderful. And please wirte me back!I would love to talk to you more I have so many questions there is not enough space here lol.

  16. Aly…… she is the best!

  17. Hey I got a wordpress acount. This will take me sometime to get use to I am not sure what I am doing yet but with time I think I will get the hang of it ;)……. I hope, well thanks anyway for everything 😀 Bye

  18. Hey Alyssa!

  19. Its me Fjul From Cp

  20. AWWWWWWWW MAN!!! sigh i dressed up in my best cloths todaY I MUST not do good?

  21. Hey Kybird! Um,
    I think I could be Penguin of the Month because I always dress in some of my best clothes, I have a cool igloo and I throw a party every day? Oh yeah, and I was almost put on somebody’s famous penguins list. Okay then.

  22. Okay thanks.

  23. Hey fjul Luv you to! Missing you! Isnt it so cool I made a account on wordpress but its just to show many different creative igloos. So I will be looking around at igloos to post I been showing some of my igloo parties hope you like them 😀

  24. Alyssa ive now got a Camputer in Egypt i will be in Cp Waiting for u!
    Go to My igloo later!

  25. And i i miss u so much!!

    And it is very cool!

    • I miss you so much too! I been so busy with the fourth of July weekened.I saw your igloo it is very sweet of you to do that for me Thank You so so much.It made me so happy to see that. I dressed up my penguin for my Birthday. It is on Monday July 6th 😀 I really miss you I will be on looking for you Fjul lots of hugs mwah.

  26. Today is my Restday in Egypt so am happy i think i will be seeing u today Alyssa i will try and find u
    I will go on a uncrowded server
    Lots of Hugs

    From Me Fjul

  27. And i know that its your Birthday today I just want to have it finished cause this camputer am on want let me save stuff Cp so am a little Angry about that.

    And i bet your Busy your like a Famous Penguin am happy for u 🙂
    Im still waiting for u!!!

    From me Fjul!

  28. I have no party cloths on Cp i need to know what to wear!!!
    Am panicing!!

  29. I think i have to wear a Suit or something

  30. I always forget to log in to WordPress

  31. I hope u will log in soon Alyssa 😀

  32. Hmm I Think I Want To Be The Next Penguin Of The Month Bet Am Not Sure

  33. Wohoo!
    Am on the poll!

  34. Am happy!

  35. Well i can say some stuff about me

    Am A Good Freind

    I Can Make Ppl Laguh

    I know All Kind Of Glitches

    When I made A Cinema It Got Packed Everybody Said That It Was Really Cool (And Then They Said How Cute I Am That Was A Little Weird….)

    Ive Always Liked Cp

    I Think I Dress Good In Cp ( I Think Im Cool And Hot lol )

    Am A Good BoyFreind (I Think?…. Ask Alyssa )

    Bet I Try To Be As Nice As I Can

    And i Rock My Sox! lol

    I Can Make A Good Puffle Soup

    Well there are more stuff about me Just Ask Alyssa570 on Her Blog Its Very Easy To Find Or Somehow Else

    • You are a great boyfriend on club penguin Fjul I just miss you so much. I dont know how much longer I can take of this not seeing you. Agumario and I been spending alot of time playing together. I have noone else I miss you so much. I hope to see you really soon.

  36. That was Alot sorry

  37. Um! I DO like cheese. I hope that gets me more votes….

  38. Congrats 🙂


  40. can i be put into the poll please!!!!!!!!!!! my penguin name is silver dragn and my site is (please check it)!!!!!!

  41. HELP ME WIN THIS POLL!!!!!!!!!!
    1. I rock!

    2. I am an author.

    3. I have another site.

    4. My newest poll has crackers in it.

    5. I am very nice!

    6. I wear my coolest clothes.

    7. I really want to be penguin of the month!!!!!

  42. Fjul I miss you so much I havnt seen you in weeks. I hope you will be on soon. I still think of you everyday.I cant wait to see you again.You are always with me in my heart darling. I voted for you. Your the best friend anyone could ever ask for and the best boyfriend ever luv u bunches thinking of you always.Oh and I am not voting for Aqua it looks to much like the light blue we have already I hope Aqua dont win. luv you bye hope to see you soon.

  43. I apolagize for sayin’ I’m very nice it is sort of bragging lol, ask my friend Darwinn though.

  44. I apologize for sayin’ I’m very nice it is sort of bragging lol, ask my friend Darwinn though.

  45. Hey Kybird I perfacted my Igloo come see it sometime…I been having a blast it gets so full in there lots of role playing its been loads of fun come see it …..its different anyone else wants to see it I love to go on the Alaska sever I am always on the map. You can find me in the crowed servers like Abominable , Alpine ,Antactic and Ascent. You can have some of the best parties there!!!!Hope to see you soon!!!

  46. Thanks Kybird my mountian is in my fire place its supose to be back by the door but that happens. Thanks for visiting and your awesome!!!Come by and see me anytime you want my igloos are always changing. Thats my favoite part about Club Penguin…THE PARTIES

  47. Incase anyone else wants to see my igloos you can go check out my igloos on my site.
    If you also want ideas for your next igloo party come see.My site is just about creative igloos that gives ideas for having your very own awesome igloo.

  48. wow I wish I could design better igloos lol, but I do have some best PENGUIN style. I still think that Alyssa’s igloos are the best in CP. I still hope I win Penguin of The Month though!

  49. Oneoh have you checked theauthor of the month page latley?

    • Yes I have! Wow I am so glad it’s time for voting again. I voted for the two winning people before I had a wordpress account, so I hope I win this time!

  50. Haha Maybe i didnt win the poll on featured penguins but oh well I mean I got author of the month yea!!!

  51. Can I be Penguin of the month for August? I joined in Late November 2008. My first pin was eather the snowfort or Christmas Present. My bestest buddy is Danny1127. My favorite item is the Tye Dye shirt. I own another 2 blogs,and I want Maroon or Aqua to win! I hope you pick me!

    ~Iceball 1997


    • Fjul this did go on the blog, and I wonder if you think that AGE REMOVED BY KYBIRD is true. That’s really doubtful. I mean, AGE REMOVED BY KYBIRD? You could be engaged, and playing Club Penguin just couldn’t be happening. I mean… this could be true Fjul but I really doubt it. AND, well, I’m deleting these comments because If your lying it’s just mean.


  54. Thanks Kybird your the best!: )

  55. I hope I win 😀 you rock Kybird 😉

  56. oh man you rock dude! You really do!

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  58. penguinkyo

  59. iccream9736 is the koolest my friend and penguin of the month for september should be her

  60. i hope im penguin of the week plz plz pick me :)……..

  61. Hey Kybird How can i win?

  62. I think i shud be the penguin of the month cuzz I help my buddys and i think that you shud never wont to be someone else you shud all ways be your self.

  63. i think i should be penguin of the month cause i make igloo’s and hmmmm idk

  64. I won penguin of the month! You removed mine JERK!

  65. Wow, Kybird’s right, Yogipen! No need to be mean about it!

  66. please choose me im famous i’ll be wearing my dress microphone and hair so please choose me please****but you are so cool and rocking waddle on best cheat sitexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhug.

  67. I think, i should be penguin of the month becuase

    1. Im funny

    2. I make cool igloo’s (Lebird im your buddy on CP so you can come and see my igloo)

    3. Im cool

    4. I have intresting stuff to tell about myself.
    That’s all i can think of

  68. 1. My penguin is rare
    2. my penguin is a host of few websites
    3. I own …. i think 6-7 websites (no joke)
    My main website is:
    4. Im not a jerk ^.^ (speaking of jerks, Yogipen)

    Btw this is an awesome website!

  69. i think its Rockhopper

  70. OMG, i sooo wanna be the penguin of the mouth i have never been one before!!!

  71. Everyone does, lol!

  72. Hey Kybird where you been long time no see?? Drop me a email every now and again.

  73. how about me alyssa570 your friend but you x me out and i will meet on sever berg or boots and i will meet you at the cove

  74. I say i could be penguin of the month because i started of not a very good blogger but now i am the new owner for cpcheatz4you with jj!
    please vote for me!
    -Yoshi Blue

  75. Uhhhh, Yoshi – this is the comics page! Lol!

  76. New comic out every weekend!

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