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Club Penguin Newspaper!

Hey guys it’s me Yoshi Blue posting again! Just to get me back up to date I’m going to show you guys the Club Penguin Newspaper some of you have probably seen it but for me and a few other people who hasn’t seen it I’m going to show it to you!  If you don’t know how to access the newspaper here’s how to!

  1. Log on to your penguin.
  2. Go on to any server you like.
  3. Click the top left screen and you will see news.

When you click on the news I found this….

The puffles are going wild! Take a look at the pet shop it’s a dump! They’ve been eating everything and by the sounds of this …. they have more energy! Will this mean we will have to pay MORE for our puffle’s food? Hopefully the puffles will stop this or they might get WORSE! Here’s the upcoming advents.

If you can’t read it from the picture this is what the upcoming advents are..

  • March 1st Pet shop construction
  • March 1st Pay day!
  •  March 11th New Better Igloo furniture

I love looking at the upcoming advents for me it’s the best part of the news! As well for the celebration of the puffles from April 11th – 21st of April there will be 2 pins every 2 weeks! That’s cool don’t you think? Waddle on! -Yoshi Blue


Ok I’m Back!

Hey guys I’m back and for real! We have now got our internet working again so as soon as i can i will get posting again! Oh yeah JJ is posting again isn’t that awesome?! So now with me and JJ there will be alot and I mean ALOT going on! So waddle on for now penguins and keep looking out for those awesome cheats! –Yoshi Blue

Bad News

Hey guys, as you all no, I haven’t been posting recently. That’s because I’ve moved house and we have to get the internet again.  And it’s snowing here so we have NO chance of getting it now. My mum (mom) and dad said we will get the internet back in around a month!! Or even 2 months! So right now I’m not gunna be able to post and I am VERY upset about NOBODY posting but I won’t go on about it if you’re wondering how I’m posting now it’s because I’m at my grans. Waddle on for now and hopefully authors will post. -Yoshi Blue-

I’m Back!

Hey guys, It’s me Yoshi Blue! Just to tell you all I’m back posting the cheats! I would just like to say I quit my own Club Penguin site so I have more time to post on here! (cpcheatz4you!) I know this is a short post but that’s all for now! -Yoshi Blue-

Attension Cpcheatz4you Fans & Authors

Hey guys, it’s me Yoshi Blue. I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting, it’s because I have a Christmas concert and I have a HUGE part to do. So I don’t have a lot of spare time, to post some cheats. So please authors I’m talking to ALL authors now anytime could you just sometimes post a Club Penguin post about any cheats? That would be very helpful, but don’t think for a minute I won’t be posting because i will try posting all the time I can. Also I’m moving house. So we’ve got to pack up all the computers, which is very hard for me when I want to post some Club Penguin cheats. And (as well!) It’s my birthday!! So I’ve got (as you no) a party! So I’m really sorry. And fans please you can help to! You could help me by giving me some cheats because you know that I’m going to have like 10 minutes then I will have to post and search around for cheats. So you could any cheat at all. Don’t think i won’t be gratful i will put a post about everyone who has helped me through this busy month. So thank you everyone! -Yoshi Blue-

Club Penguin – You Decided – A Card-Jitsu Power Card!

Hey guys, quite a long time ago Club Penguin asked us, to vote for a a new power card for Card Jitsu. Club Penguin said that the Island Lifter 3000 won by a landslide!! Club Penguin gave us a little sneak peek of the new Card Jitsu card in action take a look!

Awesome right? Club Penguin said this new Card Jitsu card will be coming soon in the Card Jitsu Water trading set. Club Penguin says: “If you have the set already, you’ll be able to redeem the codes on November 25.” So do NOT do them now or I think they will not work. Awesome! Club Penguin asks: What other cards we would like to see! keep looking out for new Reviewed By Yous! Until then waddle on! -Yoshi Blue – Club Penguin Home’s Owner.

New WATER Pin!!!

Hey guys, the new pin is out! YAY! Because Card Jitsu Water is coming Club Penguin have made a water pin! So to be honest i think you really need to get this or you won’t be a REAL Water Ninja. Joke! So follow these instructions and you will have that water pin in no time!

  1. Log on to your penguin.
  2. Log on to any server you like.
  3. Click on your map and click onto the iceberg. (The iceberg is next to the cove.) (The cove is the place with the wooden building with surfboards.)
  4. Then on the left there will be the symbol of Card Jitsu Water waddle over there.

If you don’t know where I mean here is a picture to help.

Click image to make it bigger)

Once you’ve waddled over to the pin/symbol it will ask you if you want to pick it up click yes if you do want to pick it up or no if you don’t want to. Here’s a picture. 

Cool pin! I really like the way Club Penguin thought of having the symbol as a pin! Good idea! Also you will see the pin on the the starter when you log in. (Of course only when there advertising Card Jitsu Water!) Sorry i haven’t posted much because whenever I’m about to start posting another thing comes out LOL! Anyway waddle along! – Yoshi Blue –