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Field-Op #21

Today Club Penguin released the twenty-first Field-Op and this one is brand new. But it’s hard!

1: Go to t he EPF Command Room
2: Click on the yellow screen on the right
3: The the instructions and press “Accept”

4: Go the other side of the EPF Comman Room
5: Go to the computer with the map screen

6: Click on your spyphone

7: Read the instruction and play the mini-game

9: Click on the arrow keys (button on the Field-Op) to move you chip. Hover over each target with a maximum of five tries! (Try to add as many steps in each turn as you can!)




Club Penguin comes to Real Life!

Hey guys! Today on the “Spanish Club Penguin”, they posted something about Real Life Club Penguin!

This month the team have prepared a news supergenial. Club Penguin will move to the real world in Santiago, Chile and Mexico City! The following rinks will be decorated in the style Club Penguin:

  • CeroGrado Parque Arauco (Santiago, Chile)
  • CeroGrado Parque Vespucio (Santiago de Chile)
  • Ice Rink Lomas Verdes (Mexico City)
  • Ice Rink San Jerónimo (Mexico City)
  • skating_penguin_rgb.jpg

    There will also be playing! Moreover, as the surprises are few of his favorite stuff, I have prepared a number! Mmm … but at this point I can not reveal more.

    And for those who do not live in those cities, not to worry! With the team we are working to bring the fun everywhere.

    So if you live anywhere near any of those rinks listed above, you can see Club Penguin on ice! How cool is that?!



    Igloo Contest Button Gone!

    Hey guys! Today is the start of the Halloween Igloo Contest! Normally a lot of you would be preparing your igloo and then submitting them, but you can’t! The Igloo Contest button is a yellow igloo that is right above the “Open Igloo” button, but the button isn’t there anymore.

    Hopefully they will fix it so we can enter our spooky igloos!



    Member Page Update!

    Hey guys! Today on the “Membership” page on the Club Penguin website got updated! All the details on it are Halloween Related!

    • Create creepy costume combinations for your perfect Halloween outfit!
    • Decorate your igloo, and enter the Halloween Igloo Contest for a chance at big prizes!
    • Explore the spooky Haunt House, or the menacing Dark Chamber during the Halloween Party!
    • Earn special Halloween Stamps, and customize you Stamp Book!

    Yes there is going to be stamps! I think there will be a stamp for going to a certain amount of igloos and saying, “Trick or Treat!” Also the rest of it are from last years party! So if you liked it last year, your probably going to love it this year!