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Holiday Party Cheats 2009!

Hi Penguins!

The new Holiday Party is possibly the biggest party ever hit Club Penguin! Almost every room has been decorated for the party! Well without talking too much I should just guide you through the party. The free item for non members is located in Ski Village and is a Santa Hat, old free item.

The second free item is pretty cool too, but its for members only! You need to read this guide really carefully because the Santa Suit is harder to find.

1. Go to Dance Lounge by clicking Santa’s Sled poster on lower left on Town, Ski Village or Plaza.
2. Click the Santa’s Sled entrance.

3. You will enter Santa’s Sled that will fly on topf of the Island, its very similar to Balloon Ride on Festival of Flight.

4. You need to drop gifts on the chimneys as they pass by. Click Present Release button just before chimney passes you. You will need to drop 15 gifts.

5. After delivering 15 gifts, a Santa Suit will appear. Click it to get the Santa Suit.

Here’s a full view of the Santa Suit.

There’s the free items guide. Club Penguin will probably add more items so don’t worry, this party is on until 28th! Do you think this is the biggest and best party in Club Penguin ever?! Also adding my top 5 rooms later, maybe. ;) Oh and Rad222 I noticed you couldn’t post these member stuff so I did ’em. 😉

– Pingu Ninja2 –


Cp Cheats 4 you Anniversary party invite!

I cant edit Rad2222’s post so add this to it! 😉

Penguin Chat 3 now available!

I found an exclusive Swf of the Penguin Chat 3! I have some guides too. So scroll down. Here’s the guide:

1: Go to
2: Click Continue and add the username

start penguin caht

3: There are several buttons, check out all of them

click the buttons

4: Click the Igloo button to go to the Igloo Area

the igloo

5: Click the Igloo to enter the Igloo. There’s the recreator Truman123456 and The Band

the igloo inside

Awesome! Isn’t it? You are currently watching half of the Penguin Chat 3, the Chat that was finally made as Club Penguin. All though it doesn’t contain Boiler Room, Night Club, Town or Coffee Shop, it’s still pretty cool! 🙂 Remember to leave a comment with your thoughts!

~Pingu Ninja2~

Silly Scarecrow Suit-The New Halloween Item!

This Friday there are no pins hidden, catalogs added etc. Only free item added to Haunted House! I’ll tell you how to find the new item.

1: Go to the Mine Schack
2: Go to the Haunted House
3: Go upstairs
4: Click on the right free box with suits in it

new free item at haunted house

silly scarecrow

Awesome! I love the party! Maybe the best party this year, who knows? What do you think? Remember to leave a comment.

~Pingu Ninja2~

Club Penguin Halloween Cheats 2009!

The new Halloween party 2009 is here! It has awesome features as the hunt and decoration. There’s also lots of fun for members! I’ll tell the cheats for you now:

Halloween Item 1/4: Pumpkin Antennae

1: Go to the Plaza
2: Click on the Free Items box
3: Click Yes

pumpkin antance

halloween item 1 outta 4

Halloween Hunt+Halloween Item 2/4

1: Click the Pumpkin on top right

2: Click on continue

First candy is at the Lodge Attic. Click the Jack O’ Lantern, after that click a candy which will pop on.

first candy

Second candy is at the Dock. Click the Pumpkin with the hole twice.

second candy

Third candy is at the Pet Shop. Click the candles to pop out the lollipop, click the lollipop.

third candy

Fourth candy is at the Cove. Click on the purple candy behind the ghost’s book, then click the purple candy again.

fourth candy

Fifth candy is at the Pool. Click on the pumpkin.

fifth candy

Sixth candy is at the Soccer Pitch. Click on the candy cube inside the lights.

sixth candy

Seventh candy is at the Forest. Click on the brushy bush, then click on the candy apple.

seventh candy

Eighth candy is at the Mine. Click on the slimy goo area, then click the green candy.

final candy

3: Click on the Claim Prize after the hunt window pops out instantly after finding all the candies

4: Click Yes and claim your background prize

halloween item 2 outta 4

Congratulations, you’ve found all the free items available for everyone! I love the Halloween party! What about you?

~Pingu Ninja2~

Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Cheats

I’m really sorry I posted this late. I am currently busy, but I really wanted to post you this. Here’s the hat cheat:

1: Go to the Town
2: Go to the Coffee Shop
3: Click on the Pinata

break the pinata

4: Click the hat that drops on the floor

hat drops

5: Click “Yes” and wear it!

The hat was the same as the cake pin. Anyway the party’s kinda lame. Only Coffee Shop and Town is decorated. :( Also there’s the new yearbook:

yearbook 08 09

Cool. I’ll add the pin cheats on the yearbook later. Enjoy the party. You better hurry, it’s getting crowded! ;-)

~Pingu Ninja2~

Club Penguin Series 5 Treasure Book cheats!

There has been released a new series of Treasure Books – Raise your hands for Treasure Book series 5! I’m not sure have they released the codes on toys yet, but I’m quite sure they haven’t. Still you can see the full version of all the treasure books by clicking here. Excited to unlock it? There are some hidden items you should check!

1: Go to
2: Open the 5th treasure book unless it’s already open

How to get Punck clothes

1: Open the 2nd page
2: Click on the trees back of the big tree

hidden item on tresure book 5 item 1

How to get Fairy Costume

1: Open the 4th page
2: Click on the fish

hidden item 2

hidden item 2 part 2

How to get Elf Costume

1: Go to the 6th page
2: Click large snowflake on the center left

hidden item 3

Awesome! Finally some cheats! Do you like this catalog? Well I do, it rocks! :) Also they have finally added white puffle to the catalog. Check it out:

white puffle released on tb catalog

Cool, right? That’s all for now, but remember to check the catalog. What do you think? Let your comments tell us!

~Pingu Ninja2~