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We are BACK!

UPDATE: Header will be changed soon (:

Hey Guys!

This is just a quick post to say that we’re back with a new author (cooldude), and we will continue to post Club Penguin cheats to boost our site views up, well thats all, waddle on!




Hey guys!

First sorry about no one posting for 2 months… I wasn’t able to post due to my laptop braking but no one else was! So I am hiring, heres what you need to comment and YOU could be Cpcheatz4you new author!!!!

1. Penguin name

2. How old you are on CP

3. How much would you post

4. Have you ever worked on another site

I will hire around 1-3 authors, so get commenting!


Header Trouble

Hi Guys! This is just a quick post saying the new header will look fine soon. At the minute, there are page names in the way of Rockhoppers face (sorry Rockhopper) and will be fixed soon.

Stay tuned for more.


Cpcheatz4you Construction Plan

Hello Penguins!

As you may know, construction has started on the site. ALL the authors will still be posting though, to keep you the latest cheats. But, this is the plan of the construction:

  1. Creation of the Puffle Page!
  2. New header
  3. Our twitter re-boots.
  4. New funny pictures and comics.
  5. More tutorials
  6. Page upgrades.

That’s all the construction that is going on, as I said, authors will still be posting for you.


Site Construction has begun.

Hello Penguins!

Cpcheatz4you is getting a lot of upgrades. So there will be a lot of stuff changing on this cheat site.

Things in the works:

  • Page updates.
  • A¬†glamorous new header.
  • The Puffle Page
  • New¬†tutorials
  • MORE funny pictures and comics
  • And much more that we will keep you updated about.

Authors WILL still be posting cheats, the only difference is that you will see a lot of changes in the site. I will keep you updated, thanks.


New EPF Card Game!

Hello Penguins!

We love the Card-Jitsu trading cards so much that Club Penguin is bringing out new trading cards, but they are not about Card-Jitsu. Instead, they’re about…. the EPF! Check out the TOP SECRET pictures:

This new card game will be released in July, you will also get a coin code with every pack to get cool EPF gear! What do you think about this idea? Let me know!


P.s: If an admin is reading this, please make me an admin since I am creating some awesome updates for this site. Thanks.

Club Penguin on 3DS?

Hello Penguins!

I’m back! Yep, It’s true. I am back, well I don’t wanna keep bragging on saying that I’m back, here is what the post is about:

Well, Club Penguin have made past DS games, right? Well now, as you might of heard, the 3DS is coming out! I am now starting to wounder if they will make a game for the 3DS… What do you think?

It would be epic if they did! Imagine playing Club Penguin, but in 3D! Amazing right? Comment with your thoughts, we love to know!