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Wierd Question

Have any of you wondered why the Earth Party’s in a COAL MINE? Coal. Um… I guess a coal mine needs a pick up. Really, huh. What do you think?

About that.
Not me being back.
But that.



JJ’s in charge!

JJ, you’re officially in charge. I’m going to still be posting, but I’m mainly focusing on Wiglington and Wenks, a fairly new online game. Me and a friend named Rihannaboy/Xbox have started a WW blog. You should really look into W&W!!!


Orange Puffle is… HERE!

Woot! The orange puffle’s here!!! Check it OUT…

That’s my orange puffle, the amazing fantabulous LolBox.

Gotta LOL.


Well. They’re awesome. Believe it!


Just Noticed… Puffle PArty Cheats!

I just noticed that nobody at ALL has posted about the puffle party. Well, that’s just not normal. The Puffle Party is awesome, and here’s the cheats:

The non-member item is avaialbe at the plaza,

(Pictures added later tonight)

And the member only awesome puffle jacket is the Puffle Show in the Ski Village.

(Pics soon!)


P.S. Sorry about the lack of pics, computer trouble!

Authors, attention!

This is something random and I don’t know why I said Authors, attention! I just neeed JJ to send a pic of jjribcool’s player card to





The orange puffle is coming… Yes…  How do I know? DUH-check out this pic:

Taken in the box dimension!!!

Well that’s awesome…

But, it’s not over yet… The lodge has gotten rid of Coo Coo (In the clock) and replaced it with…

Awesome! IT’s coming… And we’re ready!


P.S. Who remember last year’s puffle party? White puffle came out then. So I have a feeling thay in 7 days (Feb. 19th) It’s comin’ out!!!

Catalog Cheats Feb ’10

Catalog Cheats Feb!!!

Page 3+4:

Click tree-top left! Get the brunette hair and a Purple Spring Dress.

Page 3+4

Yet again, page 3+4

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!!!