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A Real 100% Accurate Gary Tracker!

The Gary Tracker is above.

~Cool Boy 714


Interview With Kybird!

This is my interview with Kybird!


Below is the Club Penguin Rally Back -To-School Party Banner! Please put it on your site to help advertise it!

Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner

To put this banner on your blog/site, copy and paste the following code into any text or html widget:

<a href=””><img title=”Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner” src=”” alt=”Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner” width=”392″ height=”270″ /></a>

Date: (Saturday) August .15th. 2009

Room: The Dock

Time: 5:00 pm (CP Time)

Server: Snowy River

Possible Special Guests: Big Dane, Coco, Penguitt, Kingpin2, Yoda Ads, Brayan21, Jmann93, Kiosk99, Chrisdog93, Tykerq, Akon Homiecp, RedChile, Niceplayer, Lux1200, Bike Boy93, Cool Boy 714, and Chinzstrap.

We hope to see you at the party!

Help Choose The New Furniture Item!

We get to choose the new furniture item! Okay if you Click Here, you can go vote on the new furniture item and you can read more about the post Club Penguin made.

Anyway here are the choices:


Which one are you going to vote for? I voted for the Green Beanbag Chair!

New Pin – Toy Sailboat Pin

Hey until I can get my other computers fixed, I have to use MsPaint. (Not a good editor.) Anyway, the new pin is at the Coffee Shop. It is the Toy Sailboat Pin.

 Toy Sailboat Pin(The picture came out better than expected!)

Also, I am not able to take a lot of pictures because MsPaint takes kinda a lot of time.

Why didn’t anyone make a post about the new pin?

Please vote on the poll below:

It is to vote for my new pin that I will be wearing in Club Penguin! (It is pointless but I just wanted to know!)

Play Club Penguin Here!

I hope this is a good post! I want to get promoted!

Log Off

*I am not responsible if your penguin gets banned for any reason.

Music At The Lighthouse Will Be Staying!

Okay, on the Club Penguin blog, it says that when you play certain instruments at the Lighthouse, you will be able to hear them! Also, some of the Music Jam music will be in your igloos (members only) on this Friday!


The music at the Lighthouse will be permanent!