About Lebird

Hey everybody its Lebird. I am happy to join Kybird and his site ( he is really cool).  Here is a picture of me on CP. Remember when you see me say

” Lebird is Sweet” I have been a CP member for 3 years now and it is a lot of fun.lebird

Here is my sites link:



13 responses to “About Lebird

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  2. hi Lebird! its Kybird her

  3. ur so cool lebird! u really rock the house! can u plz show us where can we find the beta hat plzzzzzzz???

  4. hi lebird! its early in the morning here at the philippines. i have fever right now, soo plz plz plz pray for me!!! but im still gonna show up my message here at this club penguin cheats. plzzzz pray for me always

  5. You Rock, Lebird! Its ur bff here! Seeker54!!!!

    Yeah!!! Nice website!!!!

  6. Hey… Its Blah Juju here… I am really kool I have the same thing on this website.

  7. Hey Lebird! You rock!!! My website is: http://www.cpcheatz88.wordpress.com


  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Its lebird omg ur so famous and awesome and im ur bff there is no other fan like meeee! I LUV UR SITE! plz plz plz plz plz type back!!! im the biggest fan! did u know that u have a fan club??? well im the leader( everyone voted for me cuz im awesome!) there is bout 378 penguins(peoples) in the club! lol! ur awesome!!! have a very merry christmas,(if u celebrate that)

  9. can i work here plz

  10. You do lol

  11. Can some one help me I wanna get a membership so I need some help if someeone can get me one please!

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