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Yoshi Blue

Hey guys my name is Yoshi Blue! As you may of already seen I post on cpcheatz4you! (Of course you know 😀 ) I am a penguin with either a red or green Club Penguin jacket on saying CP on it. I have black glasses and grey shoes. I love playing around getting stamps for my Penguin also i love going to awesome partys. I will say that one of an amazing igloo is Alyssa570 she will make amazing igloos like a huge beach or lots of cabins and loads more! Anyway you will normally NOT see me on the map because (I’m not kidding now) I normally make rubbish igloos so whenever you see me on the map just think that I have made a good igloo this time 😀 Anyway i love all the Club Penguin parties. I think there really fun! I always love going to parties this is one reason why i love Club Penguin! I always love to talk to everyone so whenever you leave i comment i will always comment back. (I can’t help the way i am!) Anway when ever you see me on Club Penguin always talk to me cause i love chatting with all friends 😀 Until then keep waddling on! Here’s a picture of me this is my most famous one.

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7 responses to “About Authors!

  1. A page about me! Thanks guys!

  2. HEYY Jjribcool its me nash7

  3. Lol, hey just remember who got ya started on cpcheatz4you. Just kidding. Hey, man!

    • where did you go! Lately I have had to help get this site back online. If you know any good authors I would wanna add them so we can give Yoshiblue a break. oh and Jjribcool left

      • Sorry, I mean most of my author friends I haven’t talked to an a while, soo that’s a little tough. And, jj quit? That’s a little depressing, he was pretty epic- and he posted a LOT so that helped. Yeah, most of my current projects are either under wraps or canceled. One I’m trying to keep alive is my webcomic- and it’s under construction. Good to chat, I’ll try and find some authors.

  4. Hey kybird thanks for making this page 😀 i just wanna say that my name is Yoshi Blue with the space i know what it says on my wordpress so sorry about that

  5. Hey Kybird i know what site jj works on, if you want to know can you tell me because i know you don’t like links on your site.

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