Hey guys!

First sorry about no one posting for 2 months… I wasn’t able to post due to my laptop braking but no one else was! So I am hiring, heres what you need to comment and YOU could be Cpcheatz4you new author!!!!

1. Penguin name

2. How old you are on CP

3. How much would you post

4. Have you ever worked on another site

I will hire around 1-3 authors, so get commenting!



7 responses to “Hiring!

  1. I’ll be an author here on condition that you work for me -> http://cppuppypaws3.wordpress.com/ .So what do you say?E-mail me on cppuppypaws3@gmail.com .

  2. Hi Jjriboool Can u be my friend on cp Somtime?

  3. Cool Dude647
    601 days
    about 2 posts a day
    I have not worked on another site

  4. Cool Dude647
    603 days
    About 2 posts a day
    My site is cooldude647oncp.blogspot.com/

  5. Guys, I have read your submissions, and the 2 authors that win are Puppy paw 3 and Cool Dude647, now if you could reply back with your wordpress emails please, thanks!!!! -Jjribcool, head owner of Cpcheatz4you

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