Earth Day Out!!!

Hello penguins! If you didn’t know already, the Earth Day Party came out today! There is a costume, a pin, and a Out Door Explorer Hat… so I will post them before the Scavenger Hunt.

Tree Pin: Ski Lodge

Costume: Dock – By the egg in the water (Members Only)

Out Door Explorer Hat: Plaza (For Every One)





                    Scavenger Hunt Cheats:

Egg 1 – Dojo (In the bush by Sensai)




Egg 2: Dock

Egg 3: Forest

Egg 4: Pool

Egg 5: Mine – In the tree

Egg 6: Lodge Attic

Egg 7: Ski Hill

Egg 8: Snow Forts

When you finish the scavenger hunt, you will get a free background!

Well guys! What do you think of the Earth Day Party? Tell us in a comment!



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