Club Penguin Newspaper!

Hey guys it’s me Yoshi Blue posting again! Just to get me back up to date I’m going to show you guys the Club Penguin Newspaper some of you have probably seen it but for me and a few other people who hasn’t seen it I’m going to show it to you!  If you don’t know how to access the newspaper here’s how to!

  1. Log on to your penguin.
  2. Go on to any server you like.
  3. Click the top left screen and you will see news.

When you click on the news I found this….

The puffles are going wild! Take a look at the pet shop it’s a dump! They’ve been eating everything and by the sounds of this …. they have more energy! Will this mean we will have to pay MORE for our puffle’s food? Hopefully the puffles will stop this or they might get WORSE! Here’s the upcoming advents.

If you can’t read it from the picture this is what the upcoming advents are..

  • March 1st Pet shop construction
  • March 1st Pay day!
  •  March 11th New Better Igloo furniture

I love looking at the upcoming advents for me it’s the best part of the news! As well for the celebration of the puffles from April 11th – 21st of April there will be 2 pins every 2 weeks! That’s cool don’t you think? Waddle on! -Yoshi Blue


2 responses to “Club Penguin Newspaper!

  1. hey kybird its me cooldued24 i used to work here remeber awnser back can i have the job back?

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