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April 2011 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hello penguins! Today the new clothing catalog came out!

1. White chocolate bunny costume – Click on the middle rock

2. White chocolate bunny ears – Wheel thing by Mr. Astros hand

3. Cow girl costume – Moon

4. Light chocolate bunny costume – Bottle

5. Light chocolate bunny ears – Barrel

What do you think of these new items? Tell us in a comment!



Field-Op #38 Cheats

Hello penguins! Today the new field-op came out… I will give you the cheats

1. Log onto any server

2. Go to the screen with gary on it

3. A message will pop up – Click “Accept Field Op”

5. Go to the Cave (The plate by the stage at the Plaza on the side walk)

6. Your Spy Phone will light up green

7. You have to crack the code!

8. “Engage”

9. Play the game and match the code

10. When your done you will earn a medal and recieve a message from Rookie!

To find out what the message says, complete the field-op!


New EPF Message From Gary

Hello Penguins! While waddling around the island today, My spy phone automatically turned blue! I picked it up, and it was Gary!
He said “All communication systems have been returned to normal. Great work everyone!”
Well, looks like the communication is back to normal! Great job agents! 🙂

New EPF Message From Herbert

Hello penguins! Today I was waddling around club penguin and noticed I had another EPF message! And sure enough, it was Herbert.

Herbert says “Stop calling me polar bear, you Ultimate Pea-Brain 10,000!”

Does this mean Herbert just built something called the “Ultimate Pea-Brain 10,00″? Does it shoot peas? Tell us what you think in a comment!


New EPF message from Protobot

Hello Penguins! While waddling around the island, I noticed I had a new EPF message! When I opened it, it was from the Protobot.

The Protobot said “Impossible. You had only 0.1 chance of stopping my signal. The polar bear’s calculations were incorrect. Retreating for now.”

What do you think of the Protobot jamming all the connections? Tell us in a comment!


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Club Penguin Exclusive! Rookie Coming To Club Penguin?

Hello penguins! I think Rookie might actually be coming to club penguin! Check it out –

It says “Where’s Rookie?” and “Hi Rookie!”. I think Rookie is really coming to club penguin for the April Fools Party! If he does, I wonder if he will have a backround… also here is one more thing that has proof he might be coming!
So, do you think Rookie is coming to club penguin for April Fools? Tell us in a comment below!
This has been a club penguin exclusive with Peter19045!