Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ok I’m Back!

Hey guys I’m back and for real! We have now got our internet working again so as soon as i┬ácan i will get posting again! Oh yeah JJ is posting again isn’t that awesome?! So now with me and JJ there will be alot and I mean ALOT going on! So waddle on for now penguins and keep looking out for those awesome cheats! –Yoshi Blue


Club Penguin on 3DS?

Hello Penguins!

I’m back! Yep, It’s true. I am back, well I don’t wanna keep bragging on saying that I’m back, here is what the post is about:

Well, Club Penguin have made past DS games, right? Well now, as you might of heard, the 3DS is coming out! I am now starting to wounder if they will make a game for the 3DS… What do you think?

It would be epic if they did! Imagine playing Club Penguin, but in 3D! Amazing right? Comment with your thoughts, we love to know!