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The Spoooky Halloween Party Is Here + The Storm Is Here!

Hey guys, It’s the time we’ve been waiting for… THE HALLOWEEN PARTY IS HERE! I can tell you now It’s AMAZING you will find out when you start to read this very long post helping you get to know the spooky stuff in Club Penguin! So I’m going to do paragraphs of each cheats here so you don’t get lost half the way! So if you think your ready to start reading about the Halloween party this is when it starts! Lets get started! But before I can say anything else until you access this Halloween party follow these rules. 1. Log on to your penguin.   2. Go on any server you like (if you want to go trick-or-treating go on a big server such as Alaska, but if you want to explore the island’s spooky party without having not to get in the room because its to full go on to a small server) Now we’re reading to start!

How To Watch The Night Of The living Sled (Part 1 & 2)

Firstly we will be starting with how to watch the scary movie! (The Night Of The Living Sled) If your like me and want to watch the first part of the movie to know whats going on keep reading. (If not scrool down the page and you can read that part) Firstly follow these rules. 1. Go to the Town

2. Go into the coffee shop. You should now be in the coffee shop watching the movie take a look.

Don’t worry you won’t miss any of the movie you have 10 seconds to sit down and get ready though (quite harsh don’t you think?) Coming soon you will be able to watch part 1 & part 2 video of the night of the living sled! So now you know how to watch part 1 so now i will show you how to watch part 2! Go out of the coffee shop now your back into the Town.

So now to watch part 2 go in to the Night Club right next to the coffee shop. Now you will be in the Night Club i know what your thinking that it isn’t there that’s because you haven’t gone upstairs that’s were you go silly!

Again you only have 10 seconds to sit down just run! Theres no time just drop that popcorn on the floor and get your seat! So now you know how to watch the movies!                                                                                                                                                   

How to make a Pumpkin On Club Penguin

Hey guys i was waddling around exploring this amazing party when i went over to the ice burg for a bit more quiet! When i saw 2 penguins digging on this huge pumpkin and the cool thing was lots of the skin was falling off! So i started to join in when a mouth suddenly appeared then eyes then nose! If you want to do this start off with where a light orange is and everything will start to take shape you don’t need to get your friends to come penguins will be fascinated and join in. (Like i was!) Well here’s what the pumpkin looked like in the end!
(Click it to make it bigger) If you were wondering how we got it so shiny just keep going over everything and it will suddenly turn more light! Cool huh? Sorry but i can’t post anymore because I’m not able to get more than 1 picture each post so it doesn’t seem to be happening to any others but the problem is my Internet doesn’t work on my computer so I’m going to try and fix it! So keep looking out and i will of posted more of the cheats when my computer starts to work again! -Yoshi Blue

New Field Opp!

Hey guys, I was playing around on my penguin, when i noticed something my phone was going red its a Field Opp! So Club Penguin was a day late on making this Field Opp. But then again i think they would be making the Halloween party so you can’t blame them. Anyway back to the Field Opp! So first your phone will be flashing red. Click it and a command will come up. Take a look.

It says “Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders.” Click go there. If this helps its in capitals  Now you will be in the Command Room. There will be a big screen saying “Field Ops” Again if this helps its in capitals. Still have no clue what I’m talking about look at this picture below.

Now you will get a command from Gary. I’m to lazy to type all of it out! So instead here’s the command. If you can’t see it click the picture then it will be bigger.

Waddle over to the Mine. (Don’t use the map your penguin needs that exercise!) After your in the Mine go over to the desk. To help there is a piece of paper a black puffle and a telephone there between the telephone and the piece of paper. Your phone will flash green.

Now you will have to play a game. Personally i think this is a long boring game. But you may think different but i need every medal i can get my hands on so i will play it. Don’t know how to play? The instructions are on the picture. Once you got the guts to play click engage. Again if it helps its in capitals. It’s on the bottom right hand corner. Click it and there’s no turning back!

After your done you will get a medal. I think Club Penguin should let you chose which Field Opp you want not just have to do it. But you know me i would always chose the easy one :). So if it did happen people would have hard ones and when some penguins and me would have easy ones! Tell me what you think about choosing your own sort of Field Opp. Until then waddle on!  -Yoshi Blue

Hiring New Authors to this Club Penguin Cheatz 4 You

Club Penguin Cheats Under This Post. Thank You  


 Hey guys,

Yoshi Blue here, have you ever wanted to post on Club Penguin Cheatz 4 You?? Well if you do, this is your chance!

Club Penguin Cheatz 4 You needs some more authors who can post, know where everything i mean EVERYTHING is like in catalogs were pins are and lots more. If you still know that you can post carry on reading here.

You’re penguin need to be at least 200 days old

You got to be a 100 % sure that you want to be posting.

You got to be able to throw parties for Club Penguin Cheatz 4 You in your igloo.

I would recommend for you to be a member.

So if you want to post please comment under this post. PS JJ and Rad have quit 😦

Also i would like to say is Kybird will shut this site down if no one posts 😦

If there’s anything I missed out Kybird just type it under here 🙂

I will add 3 penguins to post. (Now 2 because i have added 1)

Thats it for now but remember we need you! P.S I added an new author!

-Yoshi Blue

The Club Penguin Anniversary is Here!

Note: This party is only for ONE day.

Hey guys, the Club Penguin anniversary is here! So happy anniversary Club Penguin. So… let’s get on with the cheats. Firstly i will show you how to get the celebration stamp. I will talk about more about what I will show you what to do later. Don’t know where the party is? (You’re missing all the fun!) So like normal i will say..  1. Go on any server you like. 2. Waddle over to the town. 3. You will now see a new looking coffee shop. That’s the anniversary silly! So then go in there. If you don’t see it here’s a picture to help.

So now you should be in the party. So as i said i will be showing you how to get the stamp first. Now click on the top of the enormous cake. (bigger than us 🙂 ) If you don’t know what I am even talking about then i will show you a picture to help you see enormous cake.

Once you have clicked the top there will be all party poppers and everything flying out. Then wait a few seconds and on the right of your screen it will say.. Celebration stamp. Here’s what it should look like now.

So now you know how to get the stamp. So now let’s get the party hat. ( My favorite part!) As always Club Penguin hides the hat so we will have to do some work but this year for some reason.. is quite easy. Which is good and bad. But anyway let’s get back to the cheats. So next to the enormous tree is a box, which of course will be where the party hat is. If you don’t see it this picture will help.

So then waddle over to the box and the top part of the box will pop onto the floor. (Magic!) So here’s a picture what it will look like now.

Then it will say if you want the hat. (Of course we want the hat or why would we be here!) I have made an edited version to show you the new party hat Club Penguin has designed take a look!

After you have accepted the hat to have in your inventory it will have a note from Club Penguin saying this. (But of course you can’t get this note if you didn’t accept the hat.)

Quick note huh? It’s there anniversary and they say that. Pretty silly huh? One year the are going to run out of colours for the hat and we will have to have an old one. Well thats what i think. In around five more years so we still have time… YAY! 🙂 This party was quite easy. But oh well. Keep waddling around. -Yoshi Blue

New BAT Pin!

There is a new pin called the “bat pin”. Don’t know where the pin is? This is why Club Penguin Cheatz 4 You is here! Well as I always say..   1. Log on to your penguin  2. Go on any server you like.  3. Waddle your penguin over to the Cove! (Dont use your map your penguin needs some exercise! Now this is hard to find.. hmm is it in the surfing cabin nope is it in the fire no. Yes I finally see it  it’s up in on the left in the enormous tree. Still don’t see it? I’ll show you the picture.

I hope you now get it now If you don’t please comment and tell me that you don’t know where it is and then i will make it more easier for you. But i hope that you do anyway. So this is what the pin will look like.


 Click yes it don’t say yes on mine cause i edited it. Quite a simple pin for Club Penguin to don’t you think? I really think Club Penguin are doing loads for  us. This is why we are have to pay memberships i think they deserve to get paid after all the work they have done what about you? Anyway the new Halloween party is coming and I think it is going to be amazing! Only 7 days to go.. YAY! Until then keep waddling around. – Yoshi Blue                                                                                                     

Club Penguin comes to Real Life!

Hey guys! Today on the “Spanish Club Penguin”, they posted something about Real Life Club Penguin!

This month the team have prepared a news supergenial. Club Penguin will move to the real world in Santiago, Chile and Mexico City! The following rinks will be decorated in the style Club Penguin:

  • CeroGrado Parque Arauco (Santiago, Chile)
  • CeroGrado Parque Vespucio (Santiago de Chile)
  • Ice Rink Lomas Verdes (Mexico City)
  • Ice Rink San Jerónimo (Mexico City)
  • skating_penguin_rgb.jpg

    There will also be playing! Moreover, as the surprises are few of his favorite stuff, I have prepared a number! Mmm … but at this point I can not reveal more.

    And for those who do not live in those cities, not to worry! With the team we are working to bring the fun everywhere.

    So if you live anywhere near any of those rinks listed above, you can see Club Penguin on ice! How cool is that?!



    Igloo Button Is Back But Still More Glitches!

    Hey guys,

    Yoshi Blue here

    The igloo button is here! But there is still LOADS more glitches that Club Penguin haven’t fixed.

    So i just want to say I wouldn’t submit my igloo now or there might be a problem.

    But if you do want to anyway I’ll show you.

    1. Log on to your penguin,

    2. Log on to ANY server,

    3. Go to your igloo,

    On the right bottom corner there will be a yellow igloo and a slip click it.

    NOTE: Please make sure you have made your igloo, cause It wont let you make another igloo and add it to the contest.

    Anyway it will look like this now..

    See one glitch!

    Once you have clicked yes you have now submitted your igloo to the contest.

    After you have clicked yes it will look a bit like this…

    Its basiclly just thanking you but anyway,

    So there is 2 glitches here and this is only submitting your igloo!!

    Well at least its Halloween!

    Thats all for now keep commenting away!

    -Yoshi Blue