New Field Opp Mission Is Out!

Hey guys
Mission 4 is out!
When you log on your spy phone will be red
Click it
Click accept
1. Go the Ski Village
2. Go to the Ski Lodge
3. Go upstairs
A game will apear
Click Engage
It’s the same game as 2 weeks ago so just do what you did the 2 weeks ago.
But if you are new and don’t know what to do all you have to do is charge your phone up and go to Power up without getting shot
If you still don’t get it read the picture above.
Once you’ve finished the game you get 1 Medal.
Cool huh?
It’s very easy!
When are Club Penguin gunna make a hard one!
Tell me what you think!
-Yoshi Blue

4 responses to “New Field Opp Mission Is Out!

  1. it is easy you have to fill up on jucie every time you go on a battery.


  3. i know to i just uve club penguin it is the funiest game and all my friends like it so who ever made club penguin up THANK YOU!!!

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