Monthly Archives: June 2010

New Apple Pin!

Hey guys
The new APPLE Pin is out!
1. Click on your Map
2. Go to the Forest
3. Click on the big rock
You will see an Apple Pin
A sign will come up
Click Yes
Cool Huh?
This is making me real Hungry!
What about you?
-Yoshi Blue

Catalog Cheats July 2010

Catalog Cheats is here!
Lets get started!
1. Go to the town
2. Go to the Gift Shop
3. On the Right hand corner you will see a catalog click it
Click the on the tree
You now have 3d Glasses!
Click the top of the radio
You now have the the rocker or the supernova suit
Click the C.D
You now have blue sunglasses!
Click the sound machine
You now have a guitar!
Click on the piano
You now have red glasses!
Click on the mask eyes
You now have a trumpet!
Click on the bubble
You now have the Viking Helmet !
Cool huh
These are all the cheats for this month!
-Yoshi Blue

What’s New in July!

Hey guys,

Lost of us have been asking Club Penguin Whats coming in July?

So heres a picture.

pretty cool huh?

It looks a bit like Music Jam but in a different way

In other new Club Penguin says go to the Gift Shop and go to the Iceberg to see the fireworks!

-Yoshi Blue

Field Op Mission!

Hey mission number 3 is out!
And its much more simple than last weeks!
Your spy phone will be ringing click on it go to H.Q
Click Accept Field Op
Then as it says look for a big light bulb you can already guess where it is.
1. Go to the mine
2. Go under the the big light and your spy found will ring
Click Engage
Play the game
Tip: Basicly just join all of the stuff up
Cool huh
Pretty simply
Maybe next week they will do a hard one what do you think?
-Yoshi Blue

New Comic!

Hello Penguins!

The first Cpcheatz4you comic is here! Check it out:

Cool huh? You can check it out on the comics page NOW!!

Sports Shop is back?

UPDATE: Club Penguin have fixed the problem!

Hello Penguins!

Check out Ski Village, the sports shop is back! But you can’t go inside there….

That’s abit werid. Also theres a new path to the Hidden Lake at the forest!


Hello Penguins!

Cpcheatz4you now has a new feature, comics! There coming soon! But look at this new Funny Picture:

Why you shouldn’t eat 10 hot sauce pizzas!

There’s now gonna be a new comic and funny picture EVERY weekend! Starting next weekend!