Mission 11 Cheats!

Hello Penguins!

Here are the cheats for the latest mission, The Veggie Villan!

1. Talk to Gary and tell him that you are ready to start the mission.

2. Gary will ask you about the seeds. In the language of science they are called ”Poaceae”. Gary will ask you what is the name of it but not a scientific name. First you should say ”Are those Flower Seeds?” and then answer with “Corn Seeds”.

3. Go to the Town, then to the gift shop. Talk to Rookie and pick up the other yellow corn seeds which are evidence on the floor.

4. Go upstairs and talk with the Jet Pack Guy. Pick up the yellow corn seeds under the desk.

5. Go back to the PSA HEADQUARTERS because Gary will call. Your spy phone will have a bad connection. Either keep clicking or head to the headquarters by going through the Sports Shop.

6. Herbert will take over the screens in Psa Headquarters.

7. Go to the Lighthouse. When you are there, you should see a CD which will be under the piano. Pick it up and use the bottle and rag to the left of it to clean the disk.

8. Click on the fishing bucket and put it in your inventory. For extra credit, go to the Beach and fill the bucket up with water.

9. Go to the back room of the PSA Headquarters and put the filled bucket on the conveyor belt. Then press the switch, then the snow icon, and finally the red switch. A round ice block will come out.

10. Go to the Beacon and give the mechanic the ice block.

11. Pick up the lense next to the mechanic, go to Ski Village and give the brown penguin the lense. At the end of the mission you will get these glasses:

12. Go to the Ski Village. You are going to find a DVD player behind Herbert’s screen.

13. Click on the DVD Player and put the disk in it. Then Herbert’s music will play.

14. Go back to the DVD player to stop it. Use the wrench to open the electrical box to the right. Guess the correct code for the box. The colors are not the same for everyone.

15. Go to the mine, then the corn room. Follow the steps which the popcorn on the ground leads. When doing this, pick up the four pieces of paper and the wood.

16. To complete the maze, go to the left path near the watering can, then the left near the kernels of corn, then right near the fertilizer, then left near the hot sauce, and then left near the coffee beans.

17. Throw the corn seeds into the fire so you can climb the ladder!

18. Herbert will be on his computer laughing. Unplug his personal computer so that he will then send you back to the Psa Headquarters.

19. Click on the orange book to the right. Click on the target, then click on the help to fill the puzzle in the right way.

20. After this, there will be a bunch of talking. You will have beaten the mission. Claim your medal and special gift.

21. Now that the mission is done, click on the snow globe gift for helping. In this, there are a special pair of Spy Goggles. Get them by clicking on the red button on the side.


7 responses to “Mission 11 Cheats!

  1. where do you get the thing to get the ladder down and what do i use im confused

  2. Sorry! I added it now!


  4. how do you get the ladder thing?

  5. Ok, Guys – I’ve updated the post. Just to make it easier!

  6. can someone plz give me a toy code!

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