Lebird Talks Electronic Recyling

 Since JJ is gone I decided to post this. Also Check out the New Page “All About JJ222” Kybird posted it this morning! I found this article about recyling and reusing old electronics.

Electronics 101

Electronics have revolutionized our lifestyle. Telephones, radios, TVs, computers and cell phones are items we use daily. However, these items make up the bulk of electronics that threaten the environment because of their e-waste.

As new products hit the market, relevant information and resources are necessary to ensure outdated items are properly discarded. The next time you upgrade your cell phone, or get the latest video game system, think twice about what happens to the old gadget.

  • Donate it – Give it to a friend or family member that could benefit from a change. “Old” to you is “new” to someone else. There are also organizations that collect old electronics and resell them for profit.
  • Lease it –  If you’re going to upgrade in a year anyway, why waste the money?
  • Buy green –  Companies continue to make better devices and are more aware of their environmental impact. Research a product before you purchase it and support businesses that are doing their part.

We should all reuse and recycle our old electronics. This waywe can help save the enviroment!


One response to “Lebird Talks Electronic Recyling

  1. Thanks for posting this Lebird 😀

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