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Hey Guys!

Im SO very sorry I haven’t posted here in a LONG, LONG time! I might post here IDK but Im still sorry. Thanks for reading!

~Iceball 1997


Orange Puffle is… HERE!

Woot! The orange puffle’s here!!! Check it OUT…

That’s my orange puffle, the amazing fantabulous LolBox.

Gotta LOL.


Well. They’re awesome. Believe it!


Just Noticed… Puffle PArty Cheats!

I just noticed that nobody at ALL has posted about the puffle party. Well, that’s just not normal. The Puffle Party is awesome, and here’s the cheats:

The non-member item is avaialbe at the plaza,

(Pictures added later tonight)

And the member only awesome puffle jacket is the Puffle Show in the Ski Village.

(Pics soon!)


P.S. Sorry about the lack of pics, computer trouble!

Rockhopper’s Ship Spotted In The Telescope!

Hi guys

Look at this!


Rockhoppers  coming!

I cant wait!

What about you?


Hello Penguins!

The orange puffle is going to be released this friday – want proof? Heres the proof, this is a comment on the latest What’s New post!

See? Orange Puffle’s here we come!

Check back for more Orange Puffle cheats this week – on the one and only CPCHEATZ4YOU!

Waddle On!


New Author!

   Hey penguins,

This is Coolclubmemb. I wanted to let all of the people that are fans of this site that I am a new author. I will assure you that I will do the best I can with my posting and blogging. I am very excited to be a part of this team.


-Coolclubmemb! 🙂

Igloo Upgrades

hi guys,

Heres the igloo upgrades.


~Yoshi Blue