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Competition Reminder!

Hello Penguins!

Seeing as no one has emailed me with a picture yet, I’m gonna remind you about the Competition again (but in simple language).

Prize = Rare penguin (this penguin was made on January 2006)

How to enter = You will have to draw a picture of me and send it to my email –

How am I going to know the penguin name and password = When you’ve sent the email I will save your email adress and I’f you win then I will send you the name and the password!

When does the competition end = Wednesday Febuary 10th 2010

When we wil get told who won =

On Febuary 10th I will say who is in 3rd place

On Febuary 11th I will say who is 2nd place

On Febuary 12th I will say who is in 1st place

What will I have to draw = This picture:

Also I’f I don’t get at least 4 emails for the competition on Febuary 5th I will have to end the competition!

So get drawing!



More Ninja Shadows Found!

Hello Penguins!

I’ve found even more Ninja Shadows – LOOK!!

Ok, this is getting really freaky now!

Waddle On!


Cpcheatz4you is now on twitter! Click here to see

Always wanted a rare penguin? Click here to see how you can

The ninja in the mirror IS BACK!

Hello Penguins!

I fancyed a game of Connect 4 so I went to Ski Lodge and I saw the ninja – back in the mirror!

I wounder what’s going on? Theres lot’s of things we don’t know about on Club Penguin lately!

Waddle On!


I’m hosting a competition – click here to see what it’s about!

Nightclub, New Pin, New Igloo Music & Competition

Hello Penguins!

 Have you seen the nightclub? It’s awesome!

The more penguins that come, the more things start to happen!

The new pin is in the pet shop, and it’s a speaker pin! Have you noticed club penguin are doing lots of nightclub things at the minute, does this mean The Waddle On – Danceathon is coming back?

And theres new igloo music – it’s cool!

Always Wanted A Rare Penguin?

Now you can! I’m doing a competition – heres how it goes. You have to draw a picture of me (JJ/Jjribcool)! And when you’ve done it email it to ~COMPETITION WILL END FEBUARY 10th~ So get drawing – heres a picture of me what you will have to draw.

Good Luck!


New things in cp

Hey rad here im getting sick of other people not posting so im not going to post as often now heres some new things

cave expecdition  has closed

New Pin At pet shop

And new Igloo Music

Oh and have u checked out the night club its Wicked

Could it be dance a thon or could it be a new design



Hello Penguins!

Have you heard about twitter? All the famous companys have it! And with over 40,000 hits – we are a famous company! All the authors should tweet on there alot…. I’ve sent kybird the password and I’ve told him to tell all the other authors. So they should know soon! Keep looking for updates… click here to see cpcheatz4you twitter! Enjoy!

Waddle On!


Kybird Edit:

My email is  cpcheats4you with an S

My membership giveaway

hey guys today im just going to tell you that i made a new site called and we are going to have a membership giveaway on it so if you want more infomation just visit the link

So could you advertise the site on your on your blog or twitter