Holiday Party Cheats 2009!

Hi Penguins!

The new Holiday Party is possibly the biggest party ever hit Club Penguin! Almost every room has been decorated for the party! Well without talking too much I should just guide you through the party. The free item for non members is located in Ski Village and is a Santa Hat, old free item.

The second free item is pretty cool too, but its for members only! You need to read this guide really carefully because the Santa Suit is harder to find.

1. Go to Dance Lounge by clicking Santa’s Sled poster on lower left on Town, Ski Village or Plaza.
2. Click the Santa’s Sled entrance.

3. You will enter Santa’s Sled that will fly on topf of the Island, its very similar to Balloon Ride on Festival of Flight.

4. You need to drop gifts on the chimneys as they pass by. Click Present Release button just before chimney passes you. You will need to drop 15 gifts.

5. After delivering 15 gifts, a Santa Suit will appear. Click it to get the Santa Suit.

Here’s a full view of the Santa Suit.

There’s the free items guide. Club Penguin will probably add more items so don’t worry, this party is on until 28th! Do you think this is the biggest and best party in Club Penguin ever?! Also adding my top 5 rooms later, maybe. ;) Oh and Rad222 I noticed you couldn’t post these member stuff so I did ’em. 😉

– Pingu Ninja2 –


3 responses to “Holiday Party Cheats 2009!

  1. thnx for posting the member sleigh ride Pingy Ninja

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