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What’s New on CP?

Whats New On Club Penguin!

NEW GAME!New Pin!,  Puffle Rescue Game Review Treasure Book 7 Cheats

Penguin Play Awards!, Furniture Catalog Cheats!, Igloo Upgrades Cheats!




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Sup Guys?

Hey guys! It has been awhile since I have talked… sorry! I am really busy with school and when I visit I can’t post anything. So I just wanna wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cya around Club Penguin!

Iceball 1997

Screenhog’s Do Not Miss List

Hello Penguins!

 Heres Screenhog’s Do Not Miss List !

• Santa’s Sleigh Ride – did you deliver all the presents and get your prize yet?
• Lighthouse Stage – did you get the chance to try out the new song?
• Pictures With Santa – in the Book Room upstairs in the Coffee Shop!
• Coffee Shop – have you tried clicking the toy train running along the top?
• Pizza Shop – have you tried clicking the various plates and foods on the table?
• Toy Trains – speaking of which, did you find all the toy trains around the island? I found 4!
• Did you know? – you can see the giant tree in the Forest from the Cove?
Cool List Screenhog!
Remember: Coins for change and igloo contest results tomorrow! Also no Reviewed By You tomorrow either!

Merry Christmas!


Original and New Authors

Hey Guys Lebird Here,

Rad2222 told Kybird he is not quiting! YAY!!!!!

Here are just some of the authors CPcheatz4you has had in the past

Im the Last Original Author left.

Sorry JJ222 I couldn’t find a picture of your penguin

Venzr, Sora, Kybird, Yogipen, and Me were all the original authors. But Kybird started the site. He is the one who chose these amazing authors. But since Spring 2009 many authors have quit including:





That means I am the last original author left!!!!!

But The third oldest author is not up there!!!

I am gonna try and hire him again….Fastjordan is the third oldest author!

New authors!

Ccprez recently quit (Ccprez decided to stay) and all the other authors are still here

Cooldued also quit and i would also say Iceball1997 quit



Not Quitting

Hey guys.

I just want to let you know that I am quitting  this site because it is too dramatic. I mean, Kybird and Yogipen are fighting all the time, like Rad said. You guys are fighting over STUPID stuff, like how many hits you have and how long your sites have been on the web, and blah blah blah. It gets old! Some people tell you guys to stop fighting, but you still do.

Don’t take this too personally. I hope we can still be friends.

Thanks again.


I am sorry, but I have decided against quitting. I have been too dramatic about this all!

And thank you Yogipen for apologizing.

Thanks again.

-Ccprez 😀

Kybird Edit:

Ccprez: I am sorry I have been fighting, can you please forgive me???

If you don’t thats perfectly ok, because I understand that I have been very immature about everything latley,

Yogipen: I am also very sorry that i was mean to you, I didnt mean the hits thing in a mean or bad way.

Rad2222: I am very sorry, I hope you don’t quit.

Sorry to all of you again

I cant take it

Well im getting sick of kybird and yogipen fighting i know that you dont like to fight though when someone says i got 99999 views then are arugument happens we have to work as a team many people visit this site a day and if we cant work it out im gonna leve


Ps this may be my last post

Blog stats

Well i descided to post our blog stats becuase we have gotten so many hits

Here is the ammount of hits we have

And here are our blog stats

In aughst we got 6100 views so well done


Ps i made a new blog its called