About JJribcool

Jjribcool’s Nickname is JJ…

Jjribcool’s first post was about Mission 11. Click here to read.

On December 3, 2009 JJ was the “Reviewed By You” on Club Penguin’s “What’s New” blog. Here is the post

“Hello Penguins!

 Some penguins may/not know that my penguin name is Jjribcool! And look at Club Penguin’s Reviewed By You! ITS ME! Jjribcool/me said:

I think the best things when rockhopper returns is when you get to meet the famous pirate and get his speacial items! You can also go on his ship and player his game Treasure Hunt!! So there the best things when rockhopper returns!

Awesome! I’m so happy im gonna celebrate with a party this week! Details will be given out at the weekend!

Waddle On!



“Happy Thursday!”

On Febuary 4th, 2010 JJ started his “Happy Thursday” segment on CPCheatz4you. This included a poll, a reviewed by you,and a contest!

 Click Here to See that Post

On March 4th’s “Happy Thursday” JJ released his game called Penguin Sniper!

Click here to play!

“CpCheatz4you GOING GREEN!”

On April 10, 2010, JJ made CpCheatz4you Go GREEN!

Here is what JJ had to say:

“Hello Penguins!

Wow, cpcheatz4you is going green! Wanna know why it’s going green? Becuase this month it’s…. EARTH DAY! When Earth Day is finished the site will go back to normal again, but for now… the sites going to be full of surprises! Earth Day is coming later in April! I hope you enjoy the “green” site!

Recycle On!

Wait… wasn’t it waddle on? Oh well, it’s green anyway!


He continued this segment with the following posts (Just click on them to see them) :

JJ Talks Recycling

JJ Talks Paper

JJ Talks Tree’s


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