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The Penguin of the Month for July is…………………………


She is the one of the Coolest Penguin I know and She dresses in the BEST clothes.

Alyssa 570


Thanks Alyssa and Sorry I forgot I really didnt mean to.

SHE ALSO THROWS AMAZING PARTIES ON CP IN HER AMAZING EVERYDAY CHANGING IGGY!!!!! Alyssa Says “When I throw a party, My igloo always is full”


This is what her igloo looks like when she threw a wedding partyAlyssa570 Wedding room


Tiki ppl island

The photo above is of Kybird and Alyssa on Tiki PPL Island!

Alyssa iggy

One of Alyssa’s Newest Igloos! I think its amazing!!

Alyssa570 pic

Alyssa’s Latest Style!

Thanks for Being Penguin of The Month Alyssa570


39 responses to “Alyssa570

  1. hey this is Dxrey
    i found it this is really cool

  2. this website is awsome i found it lol.

  3. this website is awsome i found it lol.
    ill c ya later

  4. hey alyssa570 thanks for helping me find the pin.

  5. Cool! I met Alyssa570 and she’s by buddy on CP. She had a GIANT BUNNY AT HER IGLOO!!! How cool is THAT??? Bye! 😉

  6. Hey alyassa,
    I knew I would find your website!

  7. Hey Alyssa ,
    Remeber me from clubpenguin buddie list? Kaykay4101 Your site is so Cool!

  8. Dear Alyssa,
    I was wanting to ask you something. How do make your igloo look so cool and make animal creations and when you move in it it makes penguins slow. But your AWSOME!!!!

  9. Hi I Like Your Site Alyassa

  10. hey alyssa 570
    it your boy dxrey

  11. Alyssa It’s Me, Hot Jazz!

  12. I am Harry. hey Kybird i think your my buddy!

  13. You got a cool site Aly! Thanks for relpying my comment.

  14. Hi Alyssa,Its me harry again.

  15. Hey just to let everyone know I have my own Web Site and I am having a Art Igloo Contest Winner will get a Coin Code!!! Enter Now!!!

    • Yo Alyssa570 I will try to go but plz tell me where u are because I have no clue where u are on clubpenguin.

  16. alyssa is the best punguin in cp!u rok alyssa!

  17. Yo Alyssa570. So whats up. Can u plz add me. I have my own website to but still you rock. Rock on Alyssa570. Keep havin fun.

    • Ya Alyssa how do u make your iggy so cool. Like the forest. I think it is awesome. Really everybody likes it. How many buddy’s do u have? See ya later dude

    • YO ALYSSA WHATS????? U are so awesome. Can u plz add me. I think u are the best. Your iggy is so awesome. Thats at least what Kaykay4101 said. Oh and Keybird I think u are so so cool just like alyssa.

    • Penny you do not have ur own website. Sorry Aly shes my friend and is new on cp. She doesnt really have her own website. :[

    • Srry about all my other comments. I am actually making my own website. Its not all done yet. I’m making it with my best friends Nadia. So, what up?
      Its all k k’s fault. She didn’t know I was in the process of making a website. O and good choice of deleting her. She is not a member. Who wants to be her friend? Well gtg

  18. wow those igloos r great but i think i saw 1 from youtube but they r still great and i wonder how she got sooooooooooooooo much ppl in her igloo

  19. heyy Alyssa,
    its me roserose123.I love all ur igloos!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. you are back on club penguin!!

  21. Alyssa your igloos look awesome!

  22. NICE,…………………………………………………………………… Like oh so nice, like Omg! Nicest person in the world. Lolz

    • Um, I did not say that about kaykay4101 because in real she is my bestfriend! please take off that nasty comment someone made with my name

  23. Alyssa and Kybird Lybird and all u people on here im sorry for all my comments I was just so excited i found ur site do you think you can delete those other comments i posted long ago? Thx. also kybird i will miss u posting on this site
    u were a great penguin! U will always be in our mmemmories. Ur awesome. thx

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