Sensei Coming 2 CP

Hi everyone! Kybird here!
Sensei is going to show up in the Ninja Hideout, and it got me thinking that there are many of you who may not know how Sensei made his first appearance on Club Penguin. It was just after Halloween 2008, and storm clouds had darkened the island. The storm was fiercest on the mountaintops, and the snow-covered Dojo was struck by lightning! 

Lots of you worked with hardhats and jackhammers to repair the hole and shovel off the mounds of snow. Some of you noticed a strange figure clothed in a brown, ragged cloak who helped to clear the snow away. A couple of weeks later Sensei revealed his identity; He had been living on Club Penguin, and had finally chosen to make himself known! 

Were you there when Sensei showed up in Club Penguin?

In other news: Check out the fireworks today. Lots of you are celebrating different things this time of year so enjoy!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


4 responses to “Sensei Coming 2 CP

  1. Yeah, cool. I’m out of town on July 3-5. Wow. Oh yeah, and I can’t use a computer. Oh yeah, I do get to go Water Skiing. (Maybe) See you later, Kybird!

  2. Still loving your website! I’ll keep visitng like I said I would!
    I’m having a 1,000 hits party on July 2 at 12:30 Penguin Standard Time!

    for more info check out my club penguin cheats at:


  4. I’m back. Yay.

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