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Billybob envió hoy que el español servidores están en línea!  (Today Billybob posted that the spanish Servers ARE ONLINE!!)

Este puesto está en español. Sólo en caso de que usted sabe que didnt! (This post is in spanish. Just in case you didnt know that!)

 Esto es lo que Billybob envió por debajo de la versión en Inglés versión español (Here is what Billybob posted English version below the spanish version)

¡Hola pingüinos!
Estamos realmente entusiasmados de dar a conocer que después de un montón de gente pidiendo, y trabajo duro para que esto ocurra, tenemos otro idioma que une a nuestra comunidad! En el último año hemos dado el portugués y francés Club Penguin saludo grande, y ahora nos encanta para que nos ayuden a la bienvenida en español.
club penguin Spanish

Todavía estamos en la etapa inicial, por lo que todavía podrían ser algunos errores para corregir, pero sabíamos lo que quieren ser los primeros para ayudar a decir hello (hola)!
Si te conectas y elegir el idioma español en la parte superior derecha de su pantalla, usted puede ayudar a dejar nuestra marca nueva comunidad saber cómo estamos emocionados de que están aquí.

Hello! -¡Hola!
Welcome! –  ¡Bienvenidos!
Congratulations! – ¡Felicitaciones!
Waddle on! – ¡A pingüinear!
You’re cool! -¡Eres genial!

Háganos saber lo que piensa!

Pingüineando ¡Sigan! (hasta entonces … Waddle sobre!)

-Equipo de Club Penguin

Now heres the English version

¡Hola Penguins!
We’re really excited to let you know that after a lot of people asking, and some hard work to make it happen, we’ve got another language joining our community! Over the past year we’ve given the Portuguese and French languages big Club Penguin greetings, and now we’d really love for you to help us welcome Spanish.

We’re still in the beginning stages, so there still might be some bugs to fix, but we knew you’d want to be the very first to help say hello (hola)!
If you log in and choose the Spanish language at the top right of your screen, you can help let our brand new community know how excited we are that they’re here.
Hello! -¡Hola!
Welcome! –  ¡Bienvenidos!
Congratulations! – ¡Felicitaciones!
Waddle on! – ¡A pingüinear!
You’re cool! -¡Eres genial!

Let us know what you think!

¡Sigan pingüineando! (until then…Waddle on!)

-Club Penguin Team

club penguin Spanish


Sensei Tracker

Here is my Sensei Tracker:

To keep it as accurate as possible please refresh every 15 seconds!

Message To Kybird: The website had a server crash for this widget today and it wasn’t updating for a while. To make it work like normal, you must click the widget above then get the code again and replace it with the existing code.

Sensei Postcard

Sensei sent out a postcard for all penguins but it only applies to Ninjas like menew-move-penguin
Apparently it’s going to be an extremely fancy technique.  What do you want it to be?
Also could everyone please vote for me (Venzr) here
I’m on the frist poll. 


Hello Penguins!
The team loved hearing about your favorite music in Club Penguin last week! All the responses were awesome — here’s one that we liked a lot:

Puffyjc said:
My favorite music in Club Penguin has to be the music played at Music Jam 08.From pop to hip-hop, there was music for everyone. I had a great time playing with my all-time favorite band, The Penguin Band and taking center stage and pretending I was actually in a band! We also made our own music with DJ3K,a game launched for the party, which was also very cool.


Thanks, Puffyjc!
Some of you have been asking about Sensei’s upcoming visit, so we wanted to ask: What’s your favorite part of training to be a ninja?
Leave your comments and we’ll pick an answer to feature on next week’s blog! Try to keep your answers between 50 – 75 words. That way, we’ll have room to show more of them.
Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Happy777 Talks Music

Greetings Penguins!
With the groovy music updates coming to the DJ3K game and igloos this Friday, I thought it’d be kinda cool to talk to someone on the team who does a lot of the musical stuff around here…


Q: There’s a lot of music in Club Penguin. How you do decide what music goes where?
A: We’d like the music to support the feeling of the areas and the party themes.
Q: What’s your favorite part of making music and sound effects?
A: Working with music and sound effects (sfx) is creative and fun, and we hope it adds another dimension to everyone’s experiences on the island.
Q: At last year’s Music Jam party, I seem to remember music called  “bubble pop” – is that short for bubble gum pop? Are there other kinds of candy music?
A: With that song we were originally inspired by the Bubblegum Pop style of music. But with music this sweet, it’s all candy.

We’d love to know what you think about the sfx all over the island!
Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team


Hey Everybody,



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Hey Everybody,


Today CP released new sneak Peeks of some SUPER COOL EVENTS!!!!


Here’s a sneak peek of some new stuff  to come:


1. I think the first image is where the new room is going to be!

2.Ruby and The Ruby is coming Back!

3. The Penguin Band is coming back for the Music Jam

The team’s been working hard to get a ton of stuff ready to make the next few months really special:

Parties – I can’t give them all away… but did someone say “MASSIVE music festival”?
Costumes & items at the Stage! (Ruby’s coming back!)
New clothing, wigs, and furniture!
Game upgrades – Members will see (and hear) some cool changes to DJ3K and more!
New Rooms – There’s going to be some construction – renovations AND new places!
Special Appearances – I can’t say too much, but some of our favorite penguins will be visiting… And there might be a chance to hang out with a wise Card-Jitsu master


Let us know what you’d like to see happen over the next few months in Club Penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team