The Puffle Page!

Hello and welcome to the puffle page! This page is all about our fury creatures on Club Penguin called… Puffles!

How Were Puffles Found?

Well that is a simple question, we didn’t find them! Instead, they found us! One day, all the penguins were just enjoying themselves until these strange fur balls started to come across the island, and we named them puffles!

The green puffle even liked the spot so much, hes still there! Go and check him out at the Night Club now!

Where do I adopt puffles?

You can adopt puffles from the pet shop! The pet shop has changed a lot since 2006, let me tell you about some of its history. This is what the pet shop looked like when it first opened:

And then, in 2008, you could play Puffle Round-up. Then a few years later, in 2011, the pet shop changed A LOT. It now looks like this:

You can now also play the new game Puffle Launch. The pet shop has changed a lot over the years.



11 responses to “The Puffle Page!

  1. hi im Lebird

  2. white puffles r soooooooooooooooo cute!
    about as cute as pink puffles!

  3. cool! you really do alot of research and stuff! lol! keep up the good work!

  4. I like white puffles.

  5. white puffles are cool…get it, cool? lol. anyway, i think u put a lot of effort into this page! awesome work Kybird!
    -Ccprez 🙂

  6. white puffles are so cute but because i am not a memeber i can only buy a red and a blue so plz make white puffles be abel to buy for non members
    from alice6901

  7. Instring???

  8. a white puffle was hidden in a picture of Rockhopper and Yarr on his ship ages ago 😉
    It was right behind them and they didnt know!
    Also theres a background on the CP site that shows puffles playing and theres a pink puffle in the pink thing looking up at some eyes. i think it’s an orange puffle. i cant beleive nobody noticed it!

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